TYNDP 2018

Europe Power System 2040:
completing the map & assessing the cost of non-grid

What should the electricity grid look like in 2040 to create maximum value for Europeans, ensure continuous access to electricity throughout Europe and deliver on the climate agenda? What would be the cost of not having the right grid by 2040?

These questions are at the heart of the six Regional Investment Plans and of the first pan-European report Europe Power System 2040: completing the map, released on 2 February.

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ENTSO Gas & Electricity joint scenarios

The Networks of transmission system owner for gas and electricity have released their joint set of scenarios for consultation The ENTSOs for gas and electricity have for the first time combined their efforts and expertise to develop scenarios to assist with decision making for future infrastructure investment needs. The Scenario Report is now out for consultation. We invite all stakeholders and interested parties to join the consultation, by reading the report and letting us know your thoughts.

A public consultation ran from the 2nd October 2017 – 11 November 2017

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Main Scenario Report

Annex I – Country Results

Annex II – Methodology

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Project Collection Platform

The third stage of the ten year network development 2018 planning process is the collection of transmission and storage projects. Any interested promoter can now apply to submit projects for inclusion in the TYNDP 2018 package. The timeline for this process is from the 30 September to the 30 November 2017. Once this window closes entsoe will review all projects, and inform project promotors whether their project has been accepted or rejected at this stage.

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Practical implementation document for inclusion of projects in the TYNDP 2018

Step by Step Guidance

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ENTSO-E & Europacable joint paper on demand for cables and manufacturing capacity in the context of the TYNDP

The two associations agree that the manufacturing capacity for HVDC and HVAC cables in Europe will be sufficient to cover the needs identified in the TYNDP 2016. Both organizations agree to keep each other regularly informed on the TYNDP projects and their advancements and on the cable manufacturing capacities.

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TYNDP 2018 Scenario Development

Setting the assumptions for the future is key to a proper infrastructure development. Within the frame of the gas and electricity Ten-Year Network Development Plans 2018, ENTSO-E and ENTSOG, in collaboration with the European Commission, have invited the Member States (MSs), National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and European stakeholders to express their views on the gas and electricity future.

The ENTSOs organised two events, at one month apart from each other, where all the participants have been asked to develop 2030 scenarios and give their opinion on the ENTSOs proposed 2040 scenarios.

Although similar in nature and content the two events clearly highlighted a difference of view on the vision for 2040 between a more conservative approach (covering more a national perspective) and a more daring approach (pushed by the European stakeholders).

Below you can download:

The ENTSOs would like to thank all the stakeholders, EC, MSs and NRAs for their valuable feedback. They will further analyses the received feedback and will take it into account when building the TYNDP 2018 scenarios.

In the first part of October the ENTSOs will organise a Public Workshop on the TYNDP 2018 scenarios.

Stakeholders will be asked for direct input on the scenarios assumptions (for instance what means high economic growth in their opinion). The ENTSOs will send to all interested parties a template ahead of the workshop so that participants can discuss/collect the information internally before the event. We will present what scenarios we have chosen, what methodology we will use and what to expect next. Other events may be organized such as webinars and all the stakeholders will be informed in due time.

Here are links to past events on the TYNDP 2018 scenario development: