Published 20 December 2016

Executive Report

The 2016 edition of the 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) builds on the 2014 edition and offers a view on what grid is needed where to achieve Europe's climate objectives by 2030.

Even if local generation, demand response, storage and energy efficiency will play an increasing role, the studies show that an extension of the current grid is needed to allow the shift of large quantities of renewables to the main consumption centres.

The TYNDP 2016 foresees around 150 billion euros of investments in grid infrastructure supporting 200 projects in transmission and storage.

The TYNDP 2016 explores the possibility of a power system where 80% of the emissions will be cut by 2030.

Final TYNDP 2016 after public consultation

The draft TYNDP 2016 package (executive report, insight reports and project assessment sheets) was first published for consultation in June 2016. ENTSO-E received over 300 comments, which helped improving the TYNDP package. ENTSO-E experts carefully considered these comments, and produced this updated draft of the TYNDP, which was submitted to ACER for their opinion.

All the comments received, as well as detailed ENTSO-E response for each of these comments and explanations on how they were (or why they were not) taken into account are available in the TYNDP 2016 consultation log, available on ENTSO-E website. Detailed logs of all changes between the consultation version of the TYNDP and this current version are also available in separate files on ENTSO-E website.

A particular focus was put by ENTSO-E experts to improve the quality of all transmission and storage project assessment sheets. When necessary, the description of the system needs, of the project, and explanations on the CBA results have been updated and further developed.

A number of changes were made to this executive and to each of the 12 insight reports. Among other changes, a new chapter was added to the executive report: "User's Guide to a new, updated and enriched TYNDP for electricity". This new chapter is a response to several stakeholders comments requesting clarifications on the content of the TYNDP package, the assessment process and results, or the link between the TYNDP and the selection of Projects of Common Interests.

List of abbreviations

  • ACER - Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
  • CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis
  • DSR - Demand Side Response
  • EC - European Commission
  • ENTSOE - European Network of Transmission System Operators
  • GTC - Grid Transfer Capacity
  • PCI - Project of Common Interest
  • RES - Renewable Energy Sources
  • SEW - Socio-Economic Welfare
  • SoS - Security of Supply
  • TSO - Transmission System Operator
  • TYNDP - Ten Years Network Developement Plan
  • V1 V2 V3 V4 - Visions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (the name of the 4 scenarios used to build the TYNDP 2016)

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