Baltic Integration

Enhancing Security of Supply of Baltic States.

The driver for investments in this region is to integrate the Baltic States further into the European market, enhance energy security, and decrease dependency on non-ENTSO-E countries.

TYNDP findings


The further integration of the Baltics presents huge geo-political interest. Three alternatives are being studied; (1) synchronization with the Continental system (2) synchronization with the Nordic system and (3) Baltic synchronous area supported by HVDC-links.

Welfare and Capacity

Based on the assumption that the capacities towards the Baltics are not increased in the alternatives, the market-based socio-economic welfare values are zero.

Interconnection target for 2030

Because of the lack of significant price differences between the Baltics system and surrounding areas, where security of supply issue is the most important, from the market perspective development of interconnectors for the Baltic States is not beneficial. Future projects for this region will be dedicated to improving security of Supply.

Projects across the Boundary

Project 124 – NordBalt Phase 2 – GTC SE4/LT 0 MW GTC LT/SE4 0 MW Project 170 – Baltic synchronization

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