About the TYNDP

What is the TYNDP, and what is its role in the European energy policy governance?

Grid development is the core instrument for achieving the Energy Union goals. All Europeans aspire to more security of supply, affordable energy prices and sustainable development.

The 10-year network development plan (TYNDP) that ENTSO-E publishes every two year presents how to develop the power grid in the next 10 to 20 years so that it can effectively contribute to achieving these different and sometimes competing goals.

The TYNDP is the outcome of a two-years process, starting with the development of scenarios or visions of how the European power system might look in 2030 and 2040. Over 200 experts Europe-wide carried out regional exploration studies, pan-European analyses and assessed projects to reinforce the grid submitted through a European-wide call for candidatures .

Regulation (EC) 714/2009 tasks ENTSO-E with developing a non-binding Community-wide 10-year network development plan, aimed at providing a vision of the extra-high voltage grid in 10-15 year time, and Regulation (EU) 347/2013 makes making the TYNDP the sole basis for the selection of PCIs.

How are projects assessed?

Each project included in the TYNDP is assessed using the pan-European CBA methodology. The benefit of each TYNDP project is assessed against several indicators ranging from socio-economic welfare to environmental impact.

Transmission projects are by their nature multi-purpose. Originally, the main goal of cross-border electricity interconnections was to contribute to security of supply. Interconnectors were built to allow for mutual support in case of supply disruptions, thereby ensuring the reliability of electricity supply. Their role in improving social welfare has received growing attention over the last 20 years. More recently, and given the renewable-energy and CO2 targets of the EU, the integration of electricity from RES and CO2 mitigation appear as new motives for transmission projects. The majority of TYNDP projects contribute to all indicators, proving this multi-purpose characteristic of transmission projects.

What is in the TYNDP package?

The core of the TYNDP package is the result of the assessment of each transmission or storage project in Europe.

The TYNDP and the economic and technical studies performed to produce it generate a great quantity of valuable information on the future of the European power system. Along with the project assessment themselves, these results form the basis of the “TYNDP package”.

This package is also composed of the identification of system needs reports and of the regional investment plans, and of several insight reports which provide further regional analysis for key areas and topics.

Stakeholder engagement

The TYNDP is a collective exercise. The quality of its output very much depends on ENTSO-E's ability to engage as early and as extensively as possible with all parties that have an interest in how the power grid is designed. ENTSO-E engages regularly with the European Commission, ACER and stakeholders.