Project sheets centralise all information on a project and on its assessment in the TYNDP. Project sheets are used by the European Commission and PCI Regional Groups in the PCI process.

This webinar will present TYNDP 2022 project sheets, the information required to complete them, and the process for submission. A live demonstration on the TYNDP online platform and a Q&A session will be also covered during the webinar.

The opening window for project promoters to update and complete data for TYNDP 2022 project sheets is from mid-May to mid-June (exact dates to be confirmed).

Promoters’ questions will be then added to the FAQ document that answers the questions about the TYNDP 2022 process we receive frequently from promoters.

Related document: TYNDP 2022 Guidance for promoters

For any questions, please contact our SPOC to project promoters Ilaria Garampi.

Recording of the webinar