This short webinar will present the next phases in the TYNDP 2022 process up until the finalization of the TYNDP, expected in early 2023. The webinar will cover in particular:

  • Time period and modalities to edit projects data;
  • Time period to submit project-level indicators (a dedicated webinar on project-level indicators will be organized in Spring 2022);
  • Timeline of the next steps for the project sheets’ creation;
  • When the results of the cost-benefit analysis performed by ENTSO-E will be available to promoters;
  • Time period of the public consultation on the TYNDP 2022 package.

Promoters’ questions are welcome and will be added to the FAQ document that answers the questions about the TYNDP 2022 process we receive frequently from promoters.

For any question, please contact our SPOC to project promoters Ilaria Garampi.

Slides presented during the webinar

Recording of the webinar