This webinar will present project-level indicators (PLIs) for transmission and storage projects, the required information and process for submission.

The webinar will cover the following agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of PLIs
  • General Concept of PLIs
  • PLIs in TYNDP 2022

    • B7.1 – Balancing Energy Exchange
    • B8.1 – Frequency Stability
    • B8.2 – Blackstart Services
    • B9 – Reduction of necessary reserves for redispatch power plants
  • Timeline for PLIs in TNYDP 2022
  • Q&A session

Promoters’ questions are welcome and will be added to the FAQ document that answers the questions about the TYNDP 2022 process we receive frequently from promoters.

Related document:
TYNDP 2022 Implementation Guidelines
Draft 3rd CBA

Project promoters are welcome to share their draft methodologies they plan to use to compute PLIs until April 1st. ENTSO-E will review the draft methodologies and come back with feedback on their compliance with the CBA Guideline.
NB: sending methodologies in advance of submitting PLIs is optional.

For any questions, please contact our SPOC to project promoters Ilaria Garampi.

Recording of the webinar