Maps & Data

On this page you will find the complete set of data downloads for all TYNDPs to date.

TYNDP 2022

Projects data

  • Map of projects
  • Projects data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format, with possibility to filter projects per country, PCI corridor, or project status
  • Cost-benefit analysis: results of the CBA performed by ENTSO-E are available in project sheets and downloadable in spreadsheet format for the full area studied and for the ENTSO-E area at the links above. CBA results for the EU area are available [here](

System needs data

Model data

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG joint scenarios

Visit TYNDP 2022 scenarios website Download page, under TYNDP 2022 Scenarios report – Additional download

TYNDP 2020

Projects data

Model Data

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG joint scenarios

ENTSO-E sensitivity ‘Current Trends’

TYNDP 2018

Projects data

Model Data

Grid Dataset

Joint scenarios data

TYNDP 2016


TYNDP data

Example outputs of market modelling tools: hourly series for cross-border exchanges and marginal costs, and yearly overview of production types per country:

EP2020 V1 V2 V3 V4

All Transmission and Storage project assessment sheets

To view individual project sheets select the project on the map.


​​​​​TYNDP 2014 - Projects and assessment results

​TYNDP 2014 - Data and Maps


TYNDP 2012 - Data and Maps

TYNDP 2010 - Data and Maps