30.01.2023 Consultation period on CBA 4.0 extended until 15 February

The public consultation started on 15 December 2022 on the Cost-Benefit Analysis 4.0 is extended to allow more stakeholders to provide input. The CBA methodology serves to evaluate the benefits and costs of electricity transmission and storage projects from a pan-European perspective in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan.

03.03.2022 TYNDP 2022 project promoters may submit project-level indicators until 30 June 2022

Project-level indicators are costs or benefits that are relevant for the complete assessment of a project, but that cannot be assessed at pan-European level. They include, among others, benefits in terms of balancing energy exchange or frequency stability. ENTSO-E published this week the TYNDP 2022 Implementation Guidelines, specifying the available project-level indicators in TYNDP 2022 and the process and requirements for their submission.

03.03.2022 ENTSO-E releases the draft TYNDP 2022 Implementation Guidelines

ENTSO-E releases today the draft TYNDP 2022 implementation Guidelines that specifies in detail how the CBA Guideline is to be implemented in the 2022 edition of the TYNDP. The Guidelines include several improvements consulted with stakeholders on, among other, assessing project’s benefits in terms of improved security of supply, hybrid interconnectors and the interlinkage between the gas and electricity sector.

29.11.2021 Give your feedback on the TYNDP 2022 CBA Implementation Guidelines - Public consultation open until 7 January 2022

For the first time in TYNDP 2022, ENTSO-E is collecting feedback from stakeholders on key proposed improvements in the draft Cost-Benefit Analysis Implementation Guidelines, including the inclusion of the Interlinked Model, a new methodology to assess hybrid interconnectors and the assessment of projects' commissioning years. An online workshop will also take place on 3 December.

22.02.2021 Pilot study on jobs and growth created by TYNDP 2020 projects

For the first time in TYNDP 2020 ENTSO-E has approximated the impact of TYNDP projects on the European Union’s economy, to highlight the direct socio-economic benefits of electricity infrastructure projects. The results illustrate that the TYNDP portfolio would deliver substantial employment and economic benefits to Europe and Europeans.

05.11.2020 ENTSO-E releases pan-European network development plan for the next decade and beyond

ENTSO-E’s Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2020 is the newest release of ENTSO-E’s bi-yearly pan-European plan for electricity infrastructure development, assessing how 154 transmission and 26 storage projects can contribute to Europe’s energy transition and create growth and jobs. A public consultation on the draft TYNDP 2020 is ongoing until 4 January 2021, and a webinar will take place on 4 December 2020.