Regulation (EU) 347/2013 requires that ENTSO-E and ENTSOG use scenarios for their respective Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDPs) and for the second time ENTSO-E and ENTSOG have worked together to develop these scenarios jointly, on this occasion for the TYNDP 2020. Scenario work is not only undertaken to test future electricity and gas infrastructure needs and projects but captures the interactions between the gas and electricity systems to assess the infrastructure of a hybrid energy system.

Supply and demand data collected from both gas and electricity TSOs are used to build ‘National Trends’, the central policy-based scenario, reflecting Member States’ draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and recognising EU climate targets. The ‘Global Ambition’ and ‘Distributed Energy’ Scenarios are developed as full energy scenarios (not limited to gas and electricity) and are built in line with the Paris Agreement target of limiting the increase in the global average temperature to 1,5 °C and are cognisant of the efforts of the EU-28 to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Jan Ingwersen, ENTSOG General Director, commented, “Work on the TYNDP 2020 Scenarios commenced in 2018 and has involved significant engagement with a wide range of stakeholders throughout the process. The joint work has presented the ENTSOs with unique opportunities to identify solutions together in meeting the decarbonisation challenges.

Innovation, integration and efficiency are key to achieving EU decarbonisation goals and meeting European energy consumers’ needs. A hybrid energy infrastructure of both electricity and gas systems is part of that vision. These scenarios represent a comprehensive, reliable and contrasted set of possible energy futures that will allow ENTSO-E and ENTSOG to perform a sound assessment of European infrastructure projects in the TYNDPs.”, said Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General, ENTSO-E.

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG will now progress to develop their TYNDPs, to continue their assessment of the needs of the European gas and electricity infrastructures.

The TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report is available in digital format here:

It is also available as a pdf document here. Data behind the scenarios is accessible on the Scenarios data visualisation platform.

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG have also prepared an overview document of the key findings from the report. These report conclusions are included in the Section 2 of the report, and as a separate document available here.

A public workshop to present the TYNDP 2020 Scenario Report will be hosted by ENTSO-E and ENTSOG in Brussels on 5 December. More details of this event are available here.

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