ENTSO-E’s biennial Ten-year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) is the European electricity infrastructure plan, identifying gaps in infrastructure from a European perspective and assessing infrastructure projects. It is the outcome of a two-years process, starting with the development of scenarios or visions of how the European power system might look in 2030 and 2040 and concluding with the cost-benefit analysis of projects through state of the art hourly models for electricity demand, markets, networks and weather.

A total of 172 projects were submitted to the TYNDP2020 during the submission window which took place in October-November 2019. ENTSO-E has verified the conformity of all submissions with the criteria for admission in the TYNDP2020 set in the Guidance (Guidance for project promoters – Transmission and storage projects Criteria for applications and their treatment in the TYNDP2020).

The next step in the TYNDP2020 process is the release of a study of 2040 system needs. The study will analyse power flows resulting from new renewables and demand patterns described in the scenario, in order to determine areas where new investments in the electricity system beyond 2030 would bring economic, environmental or safety benefits to Europeans. The publication of this study will mark the beginning of a 2nd submission window, reserved to future infrastructure projects addressing the system needs identified in this study. More information on the modalities to submit a project during this window will be made available shortly.

For any question on the TYNDP2020 process, promoters are welcome to contact Johannes Moolman.

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