In line with Commission Regulation (EC) 347/2013, the draft Cost-Benefit Analysis methodology 3.0 (3rd CBA Guideline for cost benefit analysis of grid development projects, version of February 2020) has been submitted to ACER on 11 February 2019.

The CBA methodology serves to evaluate the benefits and costs of electricity transmission and storage projects from a pan-European perspective, in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP). As such, it provides important input for the selection process of European Projects of Common Interest. The main objective of the CBA methodology is to provide a common and uniform basis for the assessment of projects with regard to their value for European society.

After consideration of ACER opinion, ENTSO-E will submit the draft CBA Guideline 3.0 to the European Commission for approval.

Stakeholders involvement in building the CBA 3.0

This new methodology is the result of “learning by implementing”, taking into account stakeholders suggestions from the beginning of the development process and continuous exchange with ACER and the European Commission.

In December 2017 ENTSO-E invited external stakeholders to participate to three workstreams dealing with specific aspects of the CBA. The outcome of this work has served as a starting point and as an extended consultation exercise for drafting the CBA 3.0.

The CBA 3.0 was submitted to a formal public consultation process from 25 October until 9 December 2019 (Comments received and ENTSO-E’s assessment).


(February 2020) Draft CBA Guideline 3.0 submitted to ACER

(October 2019) Draft CBA Guideline 3.0 submitted to public consultation

Comments received during the public consultation and ENTSO-E’s assessment of the comments

Consideration on the inclusion of stakeholders input in the development of the CBA Guideline 3.0

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