For the first time in the TYNDP2020, projects will be able to submit so-called ‘project-level indicators’. Project-level indicators are costs or benefits that are relevant for the complete assessment of a project, but that cannot be assessed at pan-European level. They include, among others, benefits in terms of balancing energy exchange, frequency stability, or reduction of necessary reserve for re-dispatch power plants.

The project-level indicators stem from the lessons learnt from the ‘Missing Benefits’ process of the TYNDP 2018. Most project-level benefits must be based on a study performed by the promoter or by a third party, in compliance with the CBA Guideline 3.0. Project-level benefits submitted by promoters will be published in the draft TYNDP2020 project sheets, alongside the benefits assessed in ENTSO-E's cost-benefit analysis. Over the summer, ENTSO-E will review the conformity of the submitted benefits with the CBA Guideline 3.0 and only the validated benefits will be included in the TYNDP2020 package submitted to ACER for opinion.

The available project-level benefits and the process and timeline to submit them were first presented to project promoters in a webinar organised on 19 February. A Guidance document will be published in March, with details on the information to be provided by promoters for each benefit and explanation on the modalities for submission. In the meantime, the slides presented during the webinar are available, as well as a recording. The deadline to submit project-level benefits will be mid-July 2020.

For any question, project promoters may contact Johannes Moolman.