ENTSO-E will perform a cost-benefit analysis of selected projects and will release the draft TYNDP 2022 for public consultation in Q3 2022. Selection in the TYNDP is a pre-condition for transmission and storage projects to apply to obtain European Projects of Common Interest status, a process led by the European Commission.

The criteria and process for submitting a project to TYNDP 2022 are specified in the Guidance for transmission and storage projects. This document specifies:

  • the procedure and timeline to submit projects to the TYNDP 2022;
  • the technical and administrative criteria projects will be required to meet;
  • the documents and information required to submit to fulfill the criteria;
  • the use and circulation of the information submitted.

Submission of projects is done via our infrastructure projects platform. To receive credentials to access the platform or for any question, please contact our SPOC contact us. Interested promoters may also join our webinar on Friday 17 September, where our team will answer questions.