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About the TYNDP 2022 Implementation Guidelines

The TYNDP-specific Implementation Guidelines for the project assessment provide complementary information on the respective ENTSO-E guidelines for the cost-benefit analysis: for each new edition of the TYNDP, ENTSO-E develops ‘Implementation Guidelines’ that specify in further detail how the CBA Guideline is to be implemented in this edition of the TYNDP.

Starting from the feedback received on the 2020 edition and during the public webinar held in Spring of 2021, ENTSO-E identified key areas for improvement of the methodologies for assessing the TYNDP projects, in line with the changing framework and the needs of future projects assessment.

ENTSO-E will present the main innovative methodologies proposed in the 2022 edition of the Implementation Guidelines, covering the following points:

  • inclusion of the Interlinked Model, a model meant to ensure that the impact of gas and electricity sectors on each other is considered when assessing the value of infrastructure projects;
  • development of a methodology for the assessment of projects for hybrid interconnectors, enabling interconnection functions and at the same time facilitating client connections of generation/power infeed technologies.
  • assessment of projects’ commissioning years

The survey included in this public consultation serves to gather feedback on specific points of the TYNDP Implementation Guidelines, either for the 2022 edition or the future ones.

To the public consultation