Project-level indicators in TYNDP 2022 include:

  • B7.1: Balancing Energy Exchange
  • B8.1: Frequency Stability
  • B8.2: Blackstart services: Methodology for Synchronisation with Continental Europe
  • B9: Reduction of necessary reserve for re-dispatch power plants

Project promoters may compute and submit project-level indicators until 30 June 2022. ENTSO-E will then verify the compliance of the submitted PLIs with the CBA Guideline and will confirm or infirm their compliance by September 2022.

Datasets (Pan-European Market Modelling Database and Pan-European Climate Database) can be requested for the purpose of computing PLIs, by completing this data request form and sending it via email to the TYNDP team’s SPOC. Datasets will be released after signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

ENTSO-E invites promoters who would like to verify early on the compliance of their methodology to share their draft methodology with ENTSO-E by 1st April 2022. The objective is to identify and clarify with ENTSO-E's TYNDP team any potential misunderstanding and ensure the compliance of computed PLIs with the CBA Guideline as far as possible. (NB: early submission of the draft methodology is optional. However, a copy of the study performed including a detailed description of the methodology and assumptions must in any case be provided to ENTSO-E alongside the submitted PLIs.)

In April ENTSO-E will invite all TYNDP 2022 project promoters to a webinar to present the detailed process and requirements to submit PLIs and answer promoters’ questions on their computation.

Submission of PLIs will be done via the TYNDP 2022 projects platform. Access to the PLIs submission form will become available in the coming weeks.

Promoters are welcome to contact ENTSO-E’s TYNDP team SPOC Ilaria Garampi with any question.

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