The TYNDP 2022 package was submitted to public consultation from end-July to mid-September 2022. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) results for several scenarios have become available between August and December 2022. This short public consultation aims at giving stakeholders the possibility to comment on CBA results.

CBA results are available in online project sheets, accessible from our online platform. To view the results of a specific project, open that project and go to 'Project assessment'. To view the results of all projects, click on 'Export to spreadsheet' and then on 'Select all'. It is also possible to filter projects per country, status, type of element or PCI corridor before downloading.

Results in the scope of this consultation include results for all scenarios and indicator assessed in TYNDP 2022. Scenarios include National Trends 2030, Distributed Energy 2030 and Distributed Energy 2040. A sensitivity analysis has been performed on the Distributed Energy scenario with a higher gas price of 12.16 euro/GJ (vs 5.91 euro/GJ in DE2030).

An overview of the results for key indicators, including differences in results between scenarios and explanation for the main reasons behind these differences, is available in the TYNDP 2022 summary report.

Answer to the public consultation on ENTSO-E's consultation hub