To help stakeholders plan ahead, ENTSO-E publishes today a tentative timeline for stakeholder engagement in 2023 on TYNDP 2024. The timeline will be updated regularly throughout the project lifetime.

Q1 2023

  • 20 February: Webinar on TYNDP 2024 scenarios state of play – Registration will open soon
  • Q1/Q2: Set up of scenarios Stakeholder engagement group

Q2 2023

  • March/April: 1st Public consultation on TYNDP 2024 scenarios (input parameters).
  • April/May 2023: Public consultation on TYNDP 2024 Guidance for project promoters
  • June: Webinar for project promoters on how to submit a project to TYNDP 2024

Q3 2023

  • Improvements to the methodology to identify system needs
  • 2nd Public consultation on TYNDP 2024 scenarios (draft results)
  • Main changes to the CBA Implementation Guidelines

Further details and additional activities will be announced at a later stage. The above timeline is tentative and subject to changes.

Project promoters and other stakeholders interested in discussing with us bilaterally are welcome to contact the TYNDP team at