What are Offshore Network Development Plans?

Articles 14 and 15 of the TEN-E Regulation set out the legal framework for ENTSO-E’s legal mandate related to the development of offshore systems. Following Article 14(2), ENTSO-E, with the relevant TSOs, the national regulatory authorities, EU member states and the Commission, is developing the first sea-basin related offshore network development plans (SB-ONDPs) by 24 January 2024.

ONDP plans diagram

ENTSO-E will release individual reports per sea basin (Five reports in total)

The purpose of the SB-ONDPs is to deliver a high-level outlook on the potential development of the offshore transmission system integrating the RES potential in each European basin. SB-ONDPs will be based on the goals agreed by EU member states governments, taking into consideration environmental protection and other uses of the sea.

Although ONDPs will be non-binding, they will facilitate discussion and investment decisions by policymakers and provide a strategic long-term perspective. The plans will seek to enforce collaboration among member states with the aim to facilitate an optimal use of the sea basin space for their multiple users. In addition, they will be used as a basis to perform the sea basin Cost Benefit Cost sharing, which guidelines are being developed by the European Commission (following article 15(1) of the new TEN-E) and applied by ENTSO-E (following Article 15(2))