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The TYNDP is open to electricity transmission and storage projects with a cross-border impact. ENTSO-E has collected applications for the TYNDP 2020 from 22 October to 22 November 2019. The documents available below provide all information on the requirements, process and timeline. For any question, contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.

How to submit a project

Submission is done via ENTSO-E’s Infrastructure projects online platform. To receive credentials, contact us.

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You’ll be notified in advance of the key steps of the application process and will be kept informed about relevant documents for project promoters, such as the Guidance for applying to the TYNDP or the CBA methodology.



Selection in the TYNDP is a pre-condition for transmission and storage projects to apply to obtain Projects of Common Interest status. The PCI selection process is separate from the TYNDP process, under the responsibility of the Regional Groups led by the European Commission. TYNDP projects wanting to obtain PCI status must apply for selection during the PCI candidate submission phase. Information on the next PCI selection process (Q4 2020) will be made available in due time.

About Project-level indicators in the TYNDP2020

Submitting a project for the TYNDP2020