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Scenarios are a prerequisite for any study analysing the future of the European energy system. They describe possible European energy futures up to 2050. Scenarios are not forecasts: they merely set out a range of possible futures used to test future electricity and gas infrastructure needs and projects.

Regulation (EU) 347/2013 requires that ENTSO-E and its gas counterpart ENTSOG use scenarios for their respective Ten-Year Network Development Plans (TYNDPs) 2020. ENTSO-E also uses the scenarios to assess electricity security of supply for the ENTSO-E Mid-Term Adequacy Forecast (MAF).

Scenarios for the TYNDP 2018 and 2020 were jointly developed with ENTSOG.

Scenarios development timeline


Publication of ENTSOs final 2020 Scenario Storylines


Publication of ENTSOs draft 2020 scenarios


Workshop with stakeholders to present ENTSOs draft 2020 scenarios


Public consultation on ENTSOs draft 2020 scenarios

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